San Angelo ISD Joins City of San Angelo in Celebrating the ‘Month of the Military Child’

Mayor Brenda Gunter proclaiming April as %22Month of the Military Child%22 in San Angelo
Mayor Brenda Gunter and Superintendent Dr. Christopher Moran after proclamation
17th Training Wing Commander Colonel Angelina Maguinness speaking at City Council meeting
San Angelo ISD board members and staff, Goodfellow Air Force Base representatives and Mayor Brenda Gunter after proclamation
San Angelo ISD Joins City of San Angelo in Celebrating the ‘Month of the Military Child’

Goodfellow Air Force Base and San Angelo ISD joined the City Council and Mayor Brenda Gunter as she issued a proclamation formally declaring April as the “Month of the Military Child,” on April 2. 

“As part of ‘Month of the Military Child,’ we celebrate the commitment, sacrifice and resiliency of our military’s youngest heroes for their role in supporting the United States Armed Forces in our nation,” said Molly Johnson Turk, SAISD Executive Director of Communications. “Here in San Angelo, we are blessed to have a long-standing partnership supporting the men, women and families of Goodfellow Air Force Base by growing the hopes and dreams of military children. Strong military families call our community home and add so much to our West Texas community and our SAISD schools.” 

SAISD Board Members and representatives; community leaders; citizens; and representatives from GAFB including 17th Training Wing Commander Colonel Angelina Maguinness and School Liaison Program Manager Kristin Donaldson attended the City Council meeting and joined in honoring our local, military-connected children. 

“I stand here today with a sense of pride and gratitude as we gather to recognize and honor a special group within our community, and that’s the military children that reside within our base and across the San Angelo community,” said Col. Maguinness. 

April is designated as “Month of the Military Child,” underscoring the important role military children play in the armed forces community. Sponsored by the Department of Defense Military Community and Family Policy, the Month of the Military Child is a time to applaud military families and their children for the daily sacrifices and the challenges they overcome. 

“It is a time when we collectively acknowledge the incredible sacrifices and challenges that our military children endure,” said Col. Maguinness. “These young heroes, who often go unnoticed, face unique obstacles that come with being part of a military family.”

Military children face many challenges unique to military life including frequent moves, changing schools, making and leaving friends, deployments and separation from families. According to the U.S. Department of Defense, “There are more than 1.6 million military children who face many challenges and unique experiences as a result of their parents’ service.” On average, military families move every two to three years with military children changing schools an average of six to nine times from the time they enter kindergarten to high school graduation.

SAISD has approximately 500 military-connected students and is home to three Purple Star Campuses – Glenmore Elementary, Glenn Middle School and Central High School. “The Purple Star designation recognizes Texas schools that show their support and commitment to meeting the needs of military-connected students and their families,” Mrs. Johnson Turk said. “It’s an honor to serve Goodfellow and our military-connected students and to grow the hopes and dreams of military students.”

“Just like the dandelion flower, military children are scattered across the globe, adapting and thriving in every corner of the world.,” said Col. Maguinness. “They bloom wherever they are planted, embodying the spirit of resilience and adaptability.”

Month of the Military Child Spirit Week

Every April, SAISD partners with GAFB and participates in “Month of the Military Child Spirit Week.” MOMC Spirit Week will take place April 15–19. During the week, SAISD campuses are encouraged to update their marquees to honor their military students; “Chalk the Walk” and write encouraging messages of pride for military-connected students and families to see at pick up and drop off; and participate in individual Spirit Days:

  • Mon April 15 – TX PURPLE UP! Day
    • Display and/or wear purple to celebrate military children.
  • Tues April 16 – PJ Day
    • Dress in your favorite PJs. We sleep soundly because of those who protect our nation!
  • Wed April 17 – Go Texan/Rodeo Day
    • Dress in your best cowboy/cowgirl/western gear to celebrate the rodeo and community connections in San Angelo 
  • Thurs April 18 – Rock Your Socks Day!
    • Wear your favorite socks and share with a friend what makes these socks special to you! Instilling confidence and promoting communication!
  • Fri April 19 – Red, White & YOU Day!
    • Wear your favorite patriotic clothes that make you feel good!

“The average military family moves three to five times more often than their civilian counterparts, forcing military children to constantly adjust to new schools, new friends and new environments,” said Col. Maguinness. “But they are not alone. Our children are supported by GAFB School Liaison Kristin Donaldson … and through initiatives like the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, which allow the State to take proactive steps to ensure that our military children receive the support they need to succeed academically despite the disruptions caused by their parent’s service. Furthermore, they are supported by our outstanding partnership with the San Angelo community and I need to give you all a round of applause as well.” 

We welcome the public to join SAISD, GAFB and the City of San Angelo in celebration of military children this month. Wearing the color purple, which symbolizes all the branches of the military, is a visible way to show support for our military-connected children. Please also join us in wearing the color purple on Monday, April 10, for Purple Up Day. 

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